Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review; Charlie Chic

This is one of my favourite perfumes and I've been using it for years, its sweet but not to child like and for the price is really good value. 

I bought this from Boots, here.
The box of this Charlie Chic is my favourite out of the range, its a nice shade of peachy pink and it has a nice black lace design over the top making it look classy and elegant. The bottle inside is the same as the other bottles from this Charlie range. The design is pretty simple with a clear glass bottle showing the perfume held inside, the liquid is slightly tinted pink colour. The cap is made from plastic and pops off which reveals the spray nozzle. 

The smell is slightly fruity, there are notes of sandalwood and amber which give it this deeper more sensual fragrance but still wearable for everyday use. The fragrance is fairly long lasting compared to other perfumes of the same price, when I spray it the morning I can still smell the scents way into the afternoon. 

Have you tried any others from the range?
Leave me a comment, 

Emily x

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