Thursday, 8 March 2012

Layering Mascara - The Best Three

Hey guys!

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I love to layer mascara and these three are the best I’ve found!  I've done a lot of experimenting with different mascaras to find the perfect combination that I like, because one coat of mascara definitely does not make my lashes standout at all.  I only wear black mascaras, the darker the better for me so using these gives my lashes the jet black colour. They also give me the most amazing length and volume I have ever achieved with mascara and I’ve found after applying each coat and waiting a few minutes before applying the next works best as it reduces clumps and odd looking bits of mascara.

I've used the Lash Accelerator so much the writing has come off
Product wands T-B

 1) Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara
This product stood out a lot because it was new and the packaging is big, bright and orange. The wand inside is very large, around bumble bee size. I have kinda small eyes but have no problem using this.

2) Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara
The brush is a plastic one with little spikes rather than bristles like a normal brush, which I personally love. This makes my eyelashes look so long and lovely and perfectly defined, even when I don’t layer the mascara. The brush separates my lashes without any effort at all and it doesn't leave any clumps or stick my lashes together. Once it's dried properly it doesn't smudge or wear off at all and it stays on all day looking perfect, but it comes off really easily with a basic makeup remover. Perfect.

3) Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
This is so good for multiple coats. The brush is really tiny and thin with lots of bristles that aren't plastic, it applies a decent amount of product at one time and gets so close to the root of the lash and any other smaller lashes.  It is also great for bottom lashes as it is so small.

Scandel Eyes
Lash Studio
Lash Accelerate
Layering Mascara Advantages:
  • Lengthens, defines, volumes, curls and separates at the same time.
  • It leaves your lashes looking fuller.
  • You can mix and match your favourite mascaras so create a super mascara!
  • It colours your lashes in very jet black colour that’s perfect for  dramatic look.

Layering Mascara’s Disadvantages:
  • Some people find the mascara can flake off during the day.
  • Some people get very clumpy lashes, you just need to find the right ones for you.

As you can see there is a dramatic difference in my eyes, I just love this combination of mascara. 

Tell me what you guys use to get thick long lashes :)

Emily x


  1. This is a great post :D been looking around at mascaras to find the right one. Rimmel I can always rely on :)


  2. Thanks love :) Ive been using these for ages now and they have never let me down xx