Friday, 16 March 2012

Product Rave; Bundle Monster Brushes

I bought the Bundle Monster Brushes on Amazon for £18.99 a few days ago and they arrived yesterday. Here's the link :) haven't really used any of the brushes yet as I they are a present, and I can’t use them to the 1st of March, but I have open them up and I am really pleased. I took each brush out of its protective packaging and tried it on the back of my hand - the bristles are soft and seem great quality.

This is how it came packaged
The brushes come in a synthetic leather case
You get so many different types of brushes in all different sizes to suite any type of product or make up look. The only brush you do not receive is a foundation brush but I already have two so I don’t mind.
All 34 brushes, I had to take 3 shots because I couldn't fit them all in one!

I have never ever wanted to spend like £30 on a MAC make-up brush, it is ridiculous, so when I seen these I jumped at the chance to get them. You can read my initial thoughts on the brushes here, it also shows a photo of each brush.  

All the brushes come with protecting covers

The brush fibers are soft, but not ultra soft, I am planning on putting some conditioner on them to see if it softens them up.

The full brush, the handle is really strong!

 I can’t wait until the end of March so I can use these! If I find any problems I will let you know in a update post,
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Emily x


  1. Hey I just tagged you in my post of 11 questions, so feel free to check it out and join in here
    : ]

  2. Are these natural or synthetic? Have you tried Real Techniques btw? They're brushes are probably my favourite! Don't get me wrong- I'm addicted to by MAC 217 and 239 but Real Techniques brushes are incredible!!!!!!

    1. A bit of both, the larger brushes are natural and the little ones are synthetic :) Ive seen them in the shops, but I already have most of the brushes in the range, so I have never bought them. xx

  3. What are these brushes like to use? fab blog by the way


    1. I haven't got to use them yet!! They are a present off my mam for my brothers b-day, so I have to wait until the 31st march D: I will do a post when I have used them :) xx