Friday, 16 March 2012

Product Rave; Soap & Glory™ Face Massage Mini Mitt

Here’s another product I love! 

So two years ago I got this for Christmas, and had been using it none stop until someone in my house threw it out. I was DEVESTATED, and had been on the hunt for this for over a year but yesterday in Boots I found it again! It only cost £4 and it is worth every penny. You can find it online here.
What it says; “Use your skin massage mitt alone or with a dollop of cleanser and rub gently in upward, circular motions over your face and neck. You can massage down and in rectangles if you want, but 'up' somehow seems more optimistic.”

This mitt is not really a glove-style mitt but it fits into the grove of your fingers. The mitt itself is a silicone oval disc with a handle on the back, the disc is made from 100% silicone, which makes it very soft and bendy.  Most of the disc area is covered in tiny little rubbery spikes that are very soft, the other bit is covered in stumpier round nodules.

I used it in the morning to give my face a light exfoliation and help me wake up, at night I use this to really work my cleanser making sure all traces of make-up are removed.

 I have normally used it to foam my facial washes, to scrub exfoliaters away and even remove face masks. Even sensitive skin would work with this product.

I'm sooooooooo happy I found this again,

Emily x

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