Friday, 30 March 2012

Another Boots Haul

Yes, I went to Boots again! The 3 for 2 offer makes me want to buy so much stuff, I only went in for a Revlon Scented nail varnish and I didn't even get it, I got some other stuff instead. 

What I got; 
Dark and Lovely hair mask - you can see my review here
Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond shampoo 
Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond conditioner
Barry M nail paint in 279 Bright Pink
Barry M nail paint in 305 Flamingo Pink
Barry M nail paint in 292 Navy
Natural Collection pressed powder in Neutral
Natural Collection eye liner in Soft Grey
Natural Collection eye liner in Soft Navy

Close up of the nail paints
 L-R Bright Pink, Flamingo Pink and Navy
Swatches of powder and eye liner
 L-R pressed powder in Neutral, eyeliner in Soft Navy and eyeliner in Soft Grey

Emily x


  1. Nice to know I'm not the only one that goes in looking for a cartain item then come out with a million other things, non of which been what you went in for in the first place haha! :P

    Laura xo

    1. I do it all the time! Its terrible for my bank balance D: