Sunday, 25 March 2012

Product Rave; Revlon Lip Butters In The UK!!

Revlon recently released their new lip product called Colorburst Lip Butter in the UK, and I absolutely love these.  I got mine in Boots for £7.99 on 3 for 2, here's the link.

As you can see my hand was pretty much covered in swatches :P 
These are the shades I swatched;
1. Sugar Frosting
2. Pink Truffle
3. Macaroon 
4. Crème Brulee 
5. Cotton Candy 
6. Tutti Frutti
7. Peach Parfait 
8. Candy Apple
9. Raspberry Pie
10. Sweet Tart 
11. Lollipop 
12. Berry Smoothie
13. Cupcake

The one that didnt have a tester was Strawberry Shortcake, but that was okay. I bought three colours (L-R); Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti and Sweet Tart

They are so pretty!

The lip butters are packaged with semi-translucent caps with a quilted pattern, they are full sized and they have an angled top rather than the typical rounded point that's seen on most lip sticks.

Swatches of the colours I bought

The reason I love these butters so much, is simply because they feel, look and wear so nicely. They are softer and more sheer than a lip stick, but not sticky like many glosses, just perfect for me! They're smooth, creamy and well pigmented for the type of product that they are, and they leave my lips feeling ultra moisturized and soft.  I love them!  They wear well, and don’t leave a worn off line around your mouth. 

I thoroughly recommend these to anyone, Revlon's wide colour range allows a perfect shade for anyone. You guys should go out and pick these up! They are great!

Emily x


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