Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review; Chosen by You Kids' Baking Shortbread

I was in ASDA a few days ago and was looking for some baking things when I saw this, Chosen by You Kids' Baking - Shortbread mix. The instructions are simple and it was only around £1.50 so I picked it up, and me and my boyfriend baked them today.

The packaging is small, compact and well thought out. You receive the cookie dough in the bottom half and the cutter and 'smarties' in the top, which is so simple as all you need to do is roll out the dough and cut into shape. All the cooking instructions can be found on the back of the case. 

The dough is soft and easy to roll, but still holds the shape of the cutter. The 'smarties' taste nice, a few got eaten before making to the cookie! 

Cookies just out of the oven
The cookies when baked taste really good! I left them in the oven for 12 minutes, so the outside was slightly crispy but the inside was so soft and moist. We then dusted them with sugar as the instruction suggested.
The random circle cookies were left over cookie mix that couldn't be made into the star shape, they taste just as good though!

Overall I really like this product, and I am going to try the rest of the range. 
Well done ASDA!

Emily x

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