Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lush; Best of the Bath Bombs

Next in the series of 'best of Lush' is bath bombs! So here's my favourites;


Twilight bath ballistic; This is my favourite ballistics. It smells like lavender and vanilla and is very soothing. It is another good one to use before bed as it will help you sleep, it is pink in colour and turns the water purply-bule with a very small shimmer to it. This is really beautiful, I would recommend to everyone, especially people who are stressed, having trouble sleeping, insomniacs or people who want to relax.

Sex Bomb; This is another great bath bomb, it's half pink, half purple and has a pink rose in the top. When you put it in the bath, the water turns pink and the rose petals come out, and float round your bath. It's beautiful, fun and sexy. It smells like jasmine, rose and a little like vanilla, the soft fragrance stays on your skin long after you come out of the bath.

Honey Bee; This is smells delicious! It smells like the Honey I Washed The Kids soap and Soft Coeur massage bar. The soothing toffe caramel honey scent is so relaxing and lingers on your skin for ages. This bath bomb has a few layers of Rhassoul mud running through it, which does sink to the bottom of your bath but if you swish your hand around it quickly disperses into nothing. The water also turns a pee yellow colour, which is the only downfall of the bath bomb.

Blackberry; This bath bomb smells like berries and makes the whole bathroom smell lovely. As soon as it's dropped in the water, it fizzes and slowly bobs around for quite some time before it dissolves. The water turns a pretty lilac colour, with no glitter, confetti, or anything else which is great when you cant be bothered with all that mess. However because the smell is so strong this product the bath bomb may itch or irritate sensitive skin, but that doesn't bother me. 

Dragon's Egg; This bath bomb smells like orange sherbet and is packed full of pretty gold glitter. I love what it does to the water with the bright orange and swirly gold glitter running through, it really is fantastic. The glitter never sticks to me when I get out, which I love.When you first dropped it in the bath it starts producing this lovely white, milky froth and takes a while for the glitter to be released. The bath water turns the most gorgeous iridescent orange color, it looks like Barry M's Tangerine nail varnish which is beautiful.

Vanilla Fountain; This smells like straight up vanilla. It even has a vanilla pod stuck in the top of it. The bath bomb doesn't look to interesting, as it's just a plain yellow but the smells makes it up for it. You can smell the vanilla just as good in the bath when its dissolved, compared to when you first bring it home and open its little bag. As the bomb is yellow, your water turns yes you guessed it yellow! However this time it is a bright yellow, I mean very bright yellow. 

If you have tried these you should leave me a comment telling me if you liked it, I love hearing what other people think.

Emily x


  1. I love sex bomb <3 its one of my favs :)

  2. Me too! It's soooo pretty and smells yummy! :) xx