Monday, 26 March 2012

Soap & Glory’s Foam Call Review

I was asked to do a review on Soap & Glory’s Foam Call by Pink Porcelain -Go follow her she is lovely! I happily agreed as I really love this body wash. Soap & Glory is one of my favourite bath and shower ranges, besides Lush and N-SPA which make my absolute favourite shower and bath products.

You can get this as free gift when you buy any Soap & Glory products over £10 in Boots at the moment (you can see my haul here) But if I didn’t get it free, I really would consider buying it full price the RRP is £6.50.  
It smells lovely like sweet oranges and figs, a bit like Lush’s Yuzu and Cocoa – yummy!
What Soap & Glory say about it; “Foam alone? (This most certainly is not!) Soap & Glory™ Foam Call™ Bath and Shower Wash is formulated with M-SUDS moisture system molecules and grapeseed EFAs to reduce the drying effects of your daily soap-up. It features the new Fruitigo™ Fragrance, with notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence. Rub a handful onto damp skin, massage until it bubbles up, then rinse “ Here's the link.

The packaging on Soap & Glory products is one of their main selling points, for me anyway, I love the dusty pink coloured tubes and bottles and the 1950s styled pictures which are present on the front of the product.  
I also really like the happy woman laughing or relaxing in their product photos, it generally makes me feel good! Haha!

As this shower/bath gel is within a bottle which has a dispenser on the top, it is really handy as there is no chance of spillages or wasting product. The amount of product needed to get lots of bubbles is also very little meaning that the bottle will last for ages! I usually use 2 and a ½ pumps which creates ample bubbles, that are enough to wash my full body and a bit more for extra cleaning.

After using in either the bath or the shower my skin felt silky smooth and was really moisturised, but more importantly it smelt wonderfully of citrusy orange aroma that lingered on my skin and throughout the house for hours after using. 

This is a product I absolutely love and wont hesitate to purchase again, I love everything about it and the way it leaves my skin feeling and smelling after use. 

Emily x


  1. thanks x i LOVE soap and glory and im really going to have to buy this looks lovely :)

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