Sunday, 11 March 2012

Nail Polish TAG

Since I've just painted my nails I got inspired to do the nail polish tag; 

1. How many nail polishes do you have? 
The grand total is 49. 

2. What is your favourite brand of nail polish? 
It's a tie between Barry M and Rimmel London. Both are amazing brands, and have high quality nail varnish with a wide range of colours . 

3. Do you love or hate crackle nail polish? 
When it first seen it yeah I liked it now, I'm going off it. They dry up in the bottle really quickly and I find they go on clumpy too. I only have one crackle nail varnish, Barry M’s black one. 

4. What was your very first nail polish brand? 
I have no idea, probably Rimmel. 

5. If you had a nail polish line, what would it be called? 
Hmm, probably enigmatic which means basically means mysterious. All the colours would be duo chrome. 

6. What nail polish colour does not look good on you? 
Nudes - eww! Because I'm so pale it looks like I have no finger nails. 

7. What nail polish shades do look good on you? 
Purple and Black, and any duo chrome they draw attention to my nails and make them look longer. I also LOVE the colours. 

8. Name two of your nail art best friends. 
Sellotape and cocktail sticks. I don’t do much fancy nail art, I'm rubbish with my left hand so my right hand looks rubbish compared to my other. 

9. What is the best nail polish gift you have ever received? 
My boyfriend has bought me lots of single nail varnishes over the past 2 years, so all of them? 

Since there was only 9 questions I've made it up to 10;

10. Whats your favourite colour of nail polish?
As mentioned before it would be black or purple, or a duo chrome shade with a little bit of sparkle :)

My favourite colour is Black, I used Barry M's Black.

I tag all of my followers and anyone else who wants to do the tag! If you do leave it in the comments so I can read it :D 

Emily X

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