Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Product Rave; Dirty Body Spray

Product Rave; Dirty Body Spray by Lush

I love it so much I have 3! ;)

I have to warn you I am obsessed with this spray! First of all this has become one of my favourite products at this time, one reason may be the amount of compliments I have received using this. I have never had so many compliments on any type of perfume or cosmetics than I have on the LUSH Dirty Body Spray. I initially bought this for my boyfriend, but now we have one each and a spare! When you spray it in the morning you can still smell it hours and hours later it is amazing. I have had people stop me walking and ask what fragrance I am wearing numerous times. I do not know what it is but the people who do like it LOVE IT! 

Gender is not a issue for this product as the smell is minty but not masculine, it's a creamy and soft mint.The sandalwood in it helps to combat unwanted odours and the Dirty scent of tarragon, thyme, lavender and subtle spearmint seemed to change on my skin as the day goes on making it smell even more feminine. I not only put this on in the morning, but I normally keep some in my bag for throughout the day.  

The spray bottle is really good, it covers a wide area with a very fine mist and gets my entire body in a single spritz. The bottle it's self is very sturdy and solid but not heavy, so it's light to carry.  

 You can buy this for £12.50 here 

Next time your in Lush check this out, give it a spray and fall in love!
Emily x


  1. Never heard of this product from lush but I'd love to try it! Sounds great :)
    Following you love, you have a great blog! Hope youd like to check out my blog as well and follow back?

    1. Thanks :) Ive followed back! xxx

  2. Never really thought of lush to buy a spray from, but will defo have a smell next time I'm in lush, sounds lovely!
    Hollie xox

  3. I sprayed this on myself earlier. I didn't have enou money to buy it :( butive been smelling my shirt constantly all day, gorgeous!! X

    1. It's so lovely isnt it! It is quite expensive tho :( xx