Friday, 30 March 2012

March Empties

Hello lovelies. 

I can't believe that March is almost over! It has been another one of those months that has been over so quickly, but here are the empties of the month. 

  •  2 x TRESemme shampoo – (there was conditioner too but I threw it away) I love this stuff, and have already bought more. 
  • Garnier Fructis shampoo – You can see it in my crap products here
  • TRESemme hair spray – This was okay, it definitely holds your hair but leaves it crunchy
  • Stargaze foundation – This was good, it had good coverage, but I doubt I will buy it again as it was too pink for my skin
  • Lush Tea Tree Water – I love this stuff and will keep buying it again and again
  • Vo5 Miracle Concentrate – I enjoyed the effect on my hair, but I wouldn't buy again as I have too many products like this 
  • Lush Dirty shower gel – I love this, so does my boyfriend, we would probably buy this again
  • Maybelline New York Pure Cover Mineral Concealer – I did like this but I have too many concealers to buy it again right now
  • Garnier Pure face wash – I liked this as I believed it really worked, it made my shin smooth and soft, but yet again I have too many products like this to buy it again
  • Percy and Reed hair mask – It was free and I liked it, but for the price of £12 I will not be buying this, there are cheaper and better products out there
  • Max Factor Aqua Lash – It was rubbish, it wasn't even water proof
  • Collection 2000 Collagen Curl Mascara in waterproof – Again not even waterproof, liars!
  • Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue – I don’t need to buy this again right now, I have about 3 :P
  • 17 Photo Flawless Primer One word – CRAP! It doesn't make my make up stay on any longer or make my pores look smaller

  • ASDA’s Young Skin Matt Finish Moisturiser – This really worked when my skin was oily but since its now dry, I won’t be buying it again unless my skin changes.
  • N-SPA Apple-Mint Crunch – I have already bought it again, it smells yummy
  • Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime spray – This is so good, I have another one already in
  • Lush Brazened Honey – This was a really really good product, I would buy this again.

Ovbsously I didn't use all the products from full to empty this month, but this is what I have finished in March. If you want a full review on anything, leave me a comment :)

Emily x


  1. I'm using the Garnier Pure Face Wash is well and I don't even have it that long and it's almost gone :o But it is really good and I'll probably be re-purchasing :)


  2. Me too!! I had it for about 3 and 1/2 weeks and its gone :O I did really like it but I have bought others since :( xxx

  3. It takes me forever to go through any products haha. I just keep buying more and more!

    1. So do I normally! But Im only buying what I used up, and trying to spend as little as possible :( xx

  4. Emily! Your posts aren't showing up on my dashboard! :( was wondering where ur gone!! Hah xxx

  5. Oh no!!! I thought that might have happened because when I look for my own they aren't there! I'm like WTF??

    I'm still here anyway! Blogging my life :P xxxxx