Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lush; Best of the Bubble Bars

Next in the series of 'best of Lush' is Bubble Bars! These are one of my top things from Lush, and most of them smell amazing but these four are my favourite ones; 


The Comforter - I LOVE THIS BUBBLE BAR! It was my first ever purchase from Lush and it was the product that got me addicted. It is one of Lush's larger bubble bars and it smells like delicious blackberries. It is a very fruity, berry, creamy, sweet scent. I believe it is a classic Lush product that everyone should try. It's quite big so you can break it up and use it for about 4 baths with still lots of bubbles. The sherbet and raspberries smell lingers on your skin and turns the water beautiful creamy a pink.

Yuzu and Cocoa is a sweet and fruity, it created loads of bubbles, and made the bathroom smell gorgeous. The water does turn a little orange but it left my skin feeling really smooth and more moisturised. The bubbles are white and foamy, the smell in the bubbles is slightly weak but you still get the orangy chocolate creamy yummy smell.

Dorothy has a fresh spring scent that I adore! It was also one of the first things from Lush I bought. The smell is delicately floral, and slightly reminds me of their Christmas Eve. I cut my bubble bar into 4 pieces and still get lots of bubbles. I've already bought around 4/5 of these and I'll keep purchasing as long as it is available.

Creamy Candy - This smells just like Rockstar soap. It smells slightly tangy, and very sweet. I broke this is half so I could use it in two baths and it made big fluffy white bubbles. The scent stays in the water, but its not nearly as heavy once its in bubble form. My bath smelled amazing and felt very luxurious.

You should try these out and leave me a comment,
Emily x


  1. Oooo great post! I love lush bubble bars, they are my favourite product. I am thinking of having a bath in a minute actually, might use one of the mothers day wands, they are awesome!

  2. Thanks hun, I'm just about to have a Lush bath too :D x