Saturday, 31 March 2012

Front Cover SALE Haul & Review & Collection

I love Front Cover. Their eyeshadows are pigmented and just as good as higher end brands like MAC. Today I went shopping with my mam and I saw these on sale and actually squealed –so embarrassing lol- but I really do love these shadows! 

I already had 2 pallets and today I got another one, since in Boots they are all 75% off! That makes each eyeshadow only £1 and the pallet only £1.75, actually amazing value! They normaly retail for £4 for one eyeshadow and £5 for the pallet, so over all your save over £15. 

Today I picked up the eyeshadows in; Seastar, Black Ink, Moonstruck and Lime and a pallet to put my new set in. 
You can pretty much get any shade of eyeshadows you can think of. However they are all quite frosty, so if you like your matte eyeshadows, then this is not the palette for you.  A couple of them also have small glitter in them, although it's not too obvious, especially as most of them are the darker shades.

The eyshadows click into place and stay in really securely.

The compact self has a very sleek and simple design.  It has the Frontcover logo on the lid and inside it has slots for four different eye shadow pans and an huge mirror which fills the inside of the lid, perfect! The brush that comes with it has one thick end for applying your base colours and one finer end for definition and crease colours.  It's not the softest brush in the world but is definitely better than them stupid sponge applicators you get. 

These are my 3 pallets, I have a blue one, purplish silver one and a green golden one. 

 The pigmentation is pretty good, some better than other but nothing is perfect, the bright ones really do make your eyes pop and the dark ones make them smolder! There is some fallout during application, like onto the black bit of the case –hence why mine are dirty!- but not while worn, so I was pretty impressed.

My Blue Pallet
 L-R; Azimuth, Fern, Seastar and Black Spark (Black Spark is more navy in real life, it also as glitter in)
I love this pallet for summer, using the lighter shades in the day then smoking it off in the night with Black Spark. 

My purplish silver and black pallet. 
L-R; Moonstruck, Wisteria, Miss Grey and Black Ink
I love this pallet for nights out! It is beautiful! I love my new addition of Black Ink. 

Lastly is my green/golden pallet.
L-R; Frosted Almond, Sunray, Pale Gold and Lime (Lime looks lovely under my bottom lash line, it makes my blue eyes pop! )
 I think I use this pallet most, the gold light shades are beautiful swept over the lid and Pale Gold or Lime under the bottom lash line, just makes your eyes look stunning.

I really suggest going onto your nearest Boots and getting these! They are so worth it!

It is also my little brothers 16th birthday today :) He's not so little anymore! He had a really lovely day and night, it was perfect. 

But anyway leave me a comment, I love reading them! 

Emily X


  1. I love front cover too i got a big box/pallet wich has shadows, lipgloses, cheek domes, pigments a there was a set of brushes that came with it too, i love shimmery eyeshadows it's all i really use


    1. I love shimmery eye shadows too, I think they look better than matt ones most of the time :D xxx